As second generation jewelry designer and gemologist, our Prides Worldwide!

Be proud of what you buy, wear, and the jewelry designer or business you're supporting. We are for our folk; Jewelry tools and jewelry supplies are American Made (except in rare cases when its not possible). 

Collectors Item - NTR METALS 10 Troy ounces Fine SILVER Ingots

About Us


Above and Beyond

Folk are tired of stunning, but flimsy pieces!  Online you cannot tell the difference between a lightweight piece and a heavyweight piece made by a jewelry designer.  Same goes with gemstones.  The cheapest products are generally lighter, made in other countries where labor is much less, and get away with it because everyone is REALLY just comparing pictures online and deciding by cost alone.  

20 years experience as a 2nd generation Gemologist and Jeweler means we get well-built, made in America jewelry for you, and pinch our profit margins to stay competitive.  We also encourage people to do for themselves what they can.  Our jewelry tools and jewelry supplies are selected by experienced American jewelers for quality and value.  

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Cultivating Sparkling Relationships

In addition to promoting our unique culture we honor and celebrate our nations great jewelry designers, artists, and craftsmen too.  American skilled labor costs more, but it is worth it.  Higher quality means less defects, which in jewelry means returns, repairs, and problems of all sorts.  Wouldn't be treating you like family if we did anything less than the best we can!

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Our Promise

We promise to treat ALL with the honesty and respect they deserve. Even if you don't like America, our heritage, or whatever;  You will respect how we take pride  in our work and that we keep our word to everyone.  We hope to be a part of your family for many years to come.  Whether you need a jewelry designer, jewelry tools and supplies, or just have a question about Celtic jewelry... WN Arts is here for you!

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Keep in Touch

We won't spam you or give your info to anybody, unless required by law. You'll be the first to hear about things relevant to you, such as: Jewelry tools and Jewelry supplies, Celtic jewelry, your favorite jewelry designer, or anything else in your profile that's relevant.